Friday, June 07, 2013

12 things about this week

  1. We had several play dates and have logged many hours outdoors. However, we also had one bloody nose (Lily); one goose egg (Daisy); two skinned knees (one from each); and a scrape/raspberry on the forehead (Lily). After one week I restocked the first aid kit I keep in my car.
  2. On Saturday morning, I am driving up to Lake County for a bachelorette party. This has sent me into a mild state of frenzy of when I am going to get a pedicure. NEVER MIND the fact that my current swimsuit is a mish-mashed cmbination that neirther fits nor matches. I think I'm hoping that if my toes are pretty no one will notice the faded stretched out suit or the lovely cellulite flab. 
  3. Lily's vocabulary has been fairly stagnant for the past few months, as she's been mastering walking, running, climbing and swinging. This has changed as her latest new word is: dessert. She uses this word, coupled with more, after every meal. Including breakfast.
  4. We leave on Monday morning for a road trip. A camping type road trip through the Pacific Northwest. A road trip with a preschooler and a young toddler. Need I say more? This last week has been exactly how you might imagine the week before you go on vacation to be: full of stress and panic. Honestly, I sometimes wonder how worthwile it is to go away when you spend the week before you leave in a state of constant list making and organizing. 
  5. Two weeks ago we had Maggie's ballet recital. Maggie has since been devestated that ballet class is over for the summer and every morning ask if today is the day she gets to preform on the stage again. She looks at the pictures of her recital and the video almost daily. 
  6. Looking at the weather, the low is to be 32 degrees on Monday at Crater Lake. Instead of packing waterproof pants and fleece, a large part of me wants to throw in a swimsuit and lie on a beach in Hawaii while I read and sip fruity cocktails for two weeks. (However, see #2). But, no we wanted "adventure."
  7. Daisy has decided that instead of calling me "Momma," she is going to call me "Hon" or "Little Love." Last night, when I kindly requested she have a bite of her zucchini she replied with "No thanks Hon, I'll pass this time."
  8. I signed Lily up for a gymnastic class. Recently, she learned how to shimmy up the legs of the dining room table, so I thought a creative outlet might curtail unsafe climbing. After I begged to let her participate in the class (she is a month younger than they typically allow), she marched right in with the rest of the kids, loved climing on all the equipment, particularly jumping on the trampoline and swinging on the parallel bars. I couldn't believe her strength. And, when the 40 minute class was all over the instructor welcomed Lily to participate in the summer program. While I was in the main office signing her up for classes, I turned around and I couldn't find her. My heart started racing, and then I realized she had marched in with the next class.  
  9. The first thing I shopped for and set aside for our big adventure next week: Hersy bars, graham crackers, marshmellows and wire hangers from our last few dry cleaning runs. Even though we may freeze or not have enough flashlights, we have plenty of the essentials. 
  10. Lily has recently discovered her love of mustard. Yellow mustard to be exact.
  11. I'm super excited to spend the next two weeks on vacation with these three faces:
  12. This morning, Daisy climbed into my bed, as J was getting ready to get to work. Instead of getting up like I normally do, spending the next 45-60 minutes preparing for the day, Daisy asked me to stay. So I did.