Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Scenes from lately

We went on a family Caribbean cruise with my parents and brother. We basically sat in the Houston port for five of the seven days. However, the girls LOVED the daily after nap ice cream snack, unlimited supply of french rolls at dinner and evening dancing. So, they really didn't care if we left Houston or not.
I can never get enough of my babies loving on each other. 
An Easter egg hunt at the local park with friends. (Photo Credit: My awesomely talented photographer neighbor/friend and mother of the two other darling children!) 
Nothing says "Happy Easter, He is risen indeed" like silly faces. 
Hand-me-down-dresses. Simply the best. 
We bought a house! While we are all very excited to finally be in our own permanent space with an actual backyard and a room entirely dedicated to laundry (well, I think I'm the only one excited about the latter), we are a tad overwhelmed at the packing.  The girls, however, are decorating the boxes with markers and storing all sorts of treasures in each box. I'm not exactly sure what we'll find when we open them up on the other side. 
 J and his baby girls. Oh my heart!
 After waking up to some disappointing news on Saturday morning, and then looking around at all the packing still left to do, we decided on an impromptu day trip to Point Reyes where we stuffed ourselves silly with pastries from Bovine Bakery and hiked ridicously slow and enjoyed a picnic lunch among California Poppies. Basically it was the perfect day.