Wednesday, September 09, 2015


This is Daisy's latest rainbow. Lately, she is obsessed with drawing rainbows. She gathers the colors she wants. Sometimes a rainbow has only one color in different shades. Sometimes it has every color she can find. Sometimes she uses markers, or crayons or paint or dot art, and sometimes it's a mixture of all different types of drawing materials. She picks paper - usually construction paper, but junk mail envelopes and pages from her journal and blank white drawing paper are also fair game. Then she draws her rainbow. Sometimes it's a perfect half-circle rainbow, sometimes it's little lines in little blocks of color. Sometimes it starts in the cornor of the paper and covers the entire paper. And when she is finished she decorates her rainbow and puts her name somewhere on the page. She always ask me to hang up her masterpiece. I never want to forget what our wall looks like bursting at the seams with drawings of rainbows.