Friday, July 08, 2016

The photo dump: Summer Edition

Most mornings, after breakfast, and before swim practice, we head out on the trail for a walk. This is how it usually ends. Lily abandons her bike, and Violet runs ahead with Daisy while I hold Casey's leash, and push the stroller carrying the bike. 

Last Sunday we decided to play hooky from responsibilities and chores and instead spent the day exploring Land's End in San Francisco. 

This was mile three of our four mile walk. Sometimes I feel that mother is synonymous pack mule. 
 We are revamping our dining room and family room with new paint, flooring and lighting.
While Daisy is at swim practice Lily and Violet swing. And swing. And then eat snacks.
 My parents came to play for a weekend, so a trip to the zoo was in order.  
When we got home from the zoo, we realized that Daisy had a fever. We spent the next 10 days with a summer cold passing through the house.
For my birthday, we went out for cocktails in nearby Walnut Creek. Then we bought paint and lighting fixtures from Home Depot before crashing in bed before 10pm. And people say that parenthood doesn't change you.