Wednesday, February 04, 2009

This meme was plaging me, so I thought I'd post it here.

1. I’m a voracious reader. I read books over and over again too. I’ve read Pride & Prejudice almost a dozen times, Harry Potter and Little Woman more times than I can count – but my favorite book? Not your typical high-brow pick: Tulips, Chips and Mayonnaise. I read it when I’m sad…its laugh out loud funny.
2. I really dislike Southern California, but I love my house. I want to be able to transport it to a city of my choice.
3. I love to cook and bake, especially in my awesome new kitchen. Sometimes I just stand in it and smile.
4. I have an obsession with Gypsies. I think the culture is completely fascinating.
5. I’m very self-conscious about my arms and no matter how many pull-ups, push-ups or bicep curls I do…they never look “toned.”
6. I have few female blood relatives. Secretly, I like this. It means that I don’t have to share my mom with anyone.

7. I think my second cousin Amanda is hands down the coolest kid ever. I love hanging out with her.
8. I fall hard and often. That’s not a metaphor for anything: I really am that big of a klutz.
9. I love to travel. The more off-the-beaten-track it is, the better.

10. People who are selfish bother me…a lot.
11. I like to clean and organize.
12. I once ran into Pete Carroll (literally) at the movies…and stammered like a school girl. I tried saying sorry or excuse me, but I just stared. I then spent the entire movie obsessing how ridiculous I was.
13. Ireland is my favorite place on this planet, but Vienna is my top-all-time favorite city.
14. Watching Grey’s Anatomy is my guilty pleasure. I get totally caught up in the mindless drama of Derek and Meredith.
15. I think my maiden name is cool, but I think my married name is even cooler. It makes me feel ethnic and cultured and I love when people ask if it’s Italian!
16. My dream job is to be a professional travel writer and photographer. I think that would be the best job ever.
17. I am an introvert.
18. I like to read travel guides – my favorite are Rough Guides. In fact, I read them cover to cover – even for places I don’t have a trip planned.
19. I love good red wine.
20. I think people who drink light beer are sissies.
21. My dog is a super-mutt and she makes me insanely happy.
22. I admire people who rescue animals from pounds and rescue organizations.
23. I love how patient, smart and generous my husband is.
24. I need to run for my sanity. It clears my head and heart.
25. Every spring, I plant a garden, and every year said super-mutt dog eats all the produce. This year, I’m planting in the front yard.

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