Thursday, April 02, 2009

I'm Back

Did you miss me dear Internet? Did you even notice that I was gone from cyberspace? Well, I am back, and finally emerging from the mess. Did I mention that I caught a plane-induce, sleep-deprived cold on my way home? What a way to come back from vacation.

I am planning on highlighting two of the four cities in upcoming Photo Friday's, but here is a sneak peek. This was a carefully orchestrated combination of two separate 5-6 day trips.
I started in New Orleans (for a wedding, obviously this was pre-wedding since I'm on Bourbon street. I guess you could have a wedding on Bourbon Street, although I'm not sure I would recommend it.)
and ended in Denver for a Conference. (I thought I'd post a picture of Coors Field in honor of the upcoming Baseball season).

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