Friday, June 05, 2009

Product of the week: Pineapple easy slicer
I have always loved Pineapples. In fact, when I went to Costa Rica I basically lived off fresh pineapples (and mangos, and bananas, and papayas...and other exotic fruits.) I’ve tried over and over again to eat the canned stuff, but it just doesn’t taste the same. And the frozen chunks just don’t cut it either, great for smoothies, but not as an afternoon snack, so only fresh Pineapple for me. But, Internet, they are so darn hard to cut! I would buy a pineapple, which then spent three days sitting around while I worked up the energy to cut it. Finally, two bleeding fingertips and a sticky counter later, I would have awkward pieces of yellow fruit to savor, but I was either eating the rind and core, or only getting four bites from the fruit. So basically, I never bought pineapple except for desperate times when I would shell out way too much money for a tiny cup of perfectly cubed pineapple from Whole Foods Market.

Enter the pineapple easy slicer from Williams Sonoma. Yeah sure, you can buy a cheaper, wannabe pineapple slicer from Bed, Bath and Beyond, but it’s plastic. And flimsy. And easily breakable. But, the slicer from WS is stainless steel and sturdy, and more importantly...dishwasher safe. If you watch this handy video, it explains exactly how it works. It’s easy as pie (ooh, pie...yum). The pineapple easy slicer ensures uniform rings, in order to maximize the flesh of the pineapple. And, the part they don’t mention is that you can drink the leftover juice right out of the shell – like you’re at your own private tropical resort.

So now I am buying several pineapples a week and I get to devour this sweet, juicy fruit anytime I please. (Well, in full disclosure, I buy the pineapple because I like using the nifty kitchen tool Have I ever mentioned how much I like nifty kitchen tools? I do.)

Just to set the record straight, the score is now: Sara, 1; Scurvy, 0.

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