Friday, July 31, 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in a photo Friday, and since we just (two weeks ago!) returned from a fabulous weekend camping in beautiful Sequoia National Park. I thought I’d post some pictures of our weekend. groupphoto

Before we get any farther, let me introduce you to the key players: this is our motley crew. An assortment of friends from various places. Now the first thing to know is that we’d never survive camping without the guy in the bright orange shirt (you can’t miss him, see him?). Why you ask? He brings the coffee.


Our Friday afternoon drive started with a stop at the top of the grapevine. A fine place to spend 45-minutes, especially in the middle of triple-digit heat between big rigs and a blazing fire.


This was the reason. A wonderful reminder to never ride an Amtrak bus. But, at least they got the luggage out. Way to go Amtrak!


Once we arrived at our lovely accommodations at the Lodgepole Campground and wrestled with putting up our monster tent in the dark. We settled in for a weekend of big trees, good friends, and breathtaking views. And let me tell you….these trees are big. Big enough to drive through!


A tree to drive through! Of course I got out to take pictures.


The General Sherman Tree, the largest living tree on earth.

We also saw bears. Apparently the ones with the giant orange tags are the ones which had an “incident.”

(Side note: I’m curious as to what constitutes an “incident”? Aren’t you? Are we talking a encounter with human food? Or a mauling? Because I’m not sure I’d put those two in the same category.)

I’m glad I knew this bit of information after I snapped a few pictures.


Also, a buck (and several deer) walked through our campsite. This is the national park (at least in California) if you want to see wildlife. Take that, Yosemite.


Instead of hiking this year, J and I opted for to do the Kings Canyon Highway, a scenic drive through Kings Canyon National Park (Sequoia’s sister park). The 31-mile rollercoaster road begins with a jaw-dropping descent into the canyon and eventually runs parallel with the gushing Kings River.


On Sunday on our way out of the park we did a bit of classic park attractions. Like climbing to the top of Moro Rock, which commands greats Sierra Views. Only, I wouldn’t recommend walking in old flip-flops.


View from the top (or nearly the top) of Moro Rock.

We returned home on Sunday night exhausted (sleeping on an air mattresses just doesn’t cut it for me!), and happy that I only go camping once a year, but very much in love with Sequoia National Park. It’s much less crowded than other National (and many State Parks). Which only adds to the appeal.

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