Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I went shopping and all I got was this blog post

This weekend was taken up with quite a few baby-type errands. Well, namely one: starting a proper registry. Saturday mid-morning (after a deliciously homemade buttermilk waffle breakfast) we headed out to posh Calabasas to Babies “R” Us. Why did we trek all the way up there you ask? Well, mainly because we avoid doing any shopping in Van Nuys, trust me on this.

Registering, registering is something else, isn’t it? We nearly had the store to ourselves (a perk of leaving overpopulated Van Nuys) and arriving before noon on a Saturday. After a brief 15 minute introduction from the store manager (where I learned that we would need three OR four fitted crib sheet, and not the ONE I had thought we only needed!) we were free to wander the store and scan things we wanted with our special laser gun. I would like to politely demand that, henceforth, all my shopping experiences are like this one, complete with the part where you don’t actually have to pay for anything at the end.

We took to the laser-scanning thing fairly well, and truth-be-told, we had practice 5 years ago when we registered for our wedding (which by the way, was much easier!). We assumed the fairly predictable roles you’d expect us to assume: J wielding the scanner gun and me seizing upon various necessary-but-not-really­-necessary baby paraphernalia. I spent far too much time agonizing over a bouncer: should we go with the Fisher-Price Rainforest or the Fisher-Price Precious Planet?

(Side note: Really I was trying to decide if I wanted my baby to be planet conscious or save-the-rainforest conscious. These are very important decisions that as parents we must make. Nearly as important as what pre-school to attend for optimal college admittance).

I also kept picking up items and going “what’s this for?” “or “does a baby really need this?” Honestly, it was like a scene right out of Nine Months (Have you ever seen that? I was just introduced to that hilarious comedy. Of course, I might be the last person to have ever not seen it, but still.)


In other news, I had my first chiropractor experience last Friday, and Internet, that is some crazy stuff. I went after several friends recommended I see on because of frequent headaches I’ve been having as a result of this pregnancy. The doctor is very new-agey and hippy and teeny-tiny small (I meant the office, not the doctor, per se).

After filling out some paperwork regarding my insurance provider and health issues they bring you back to lie on an automatic massage table. It felt like the real deal; well, except for the horrific, ear-piercing screech it belted out every 20 seconds. Hard to do some relaxing when you involuntarily tense up. After an agonizingly long five minutes, I was brought back into “the room” in which I was observing various patients filter in and out of. They all seemed to be in there for only a few mere moments, and suddenly became very wary of what I was getting myself into. And, after I was quickly positioned correctly on the table she poked and prodded and twisted and turned me - she deemed me “aligned” and told me to make an appointment the next week.

Internet, I could breathe better on my short walk to my car. In fact, I felt nearly light-headed with the amount of oxygen I was inhaling. I’m not sure if that is a normal reaction, or if I was experiencing so much trouble breathing before my adjustment. I felt looser, and lighter and exhausted. I fell asleep at 8:30pm. I guess I’m just preparing for motherhood.


Laura said...

We really like our Boppy bouncer! Although the others you mentioned are good ones too!

Laura said...

I have only 2 crib sheets and we are all still alive :)