Monday, December 14, 2009

Its all about Community


Are you guys watching this show, Community that is. I mean, honestly, it’s hilarious. We thought we’d start recording it, purely because it was on Thursday night, and we’re still loyal to NBC on this particular night. Plus, we thought it would make a nice warm-up for our evening – but now I would hasten to go out on a limb and suggest that perhaps we like Community even better than The Office and 30 Rock (Both which are falling hard and fast. What’s up with Dwight these days?) Man, we lead such wild lives! You should come over and watch us put the crib together on Saturday night while we talk about our budget!

Anyway, unlike The Office, Community is a traditional sitcom...well, a witty, creatively erratic sitcom. NBC describes the show as “Breakfast Club” fashion – although I think Breakfast Club and I think a return of Molly Ringwald and show tunes – but the jokes are sometimes just a little...sharper. The writing is clever, and the pace is brisk. The show is follows a Spanish study group and centers on Jeff Winger, a slick, but loveable layer forced to attend community college after his license is suspended. As a traditional sitcom, the show must include a love interest, and diversity: a religious black woman with attitude, a pop culture-spouting quasi-foreign student, a slightly pompous and considerably clueless senior (come on, we ALL had at least one in our college classes....), a former high school jock, a Peace Corps alumni, and an overly sensitive and easily offended nerd.

Are you watching? You should be. I mean, maybe then it would be less annoying when I quoted lines from the show if you were.

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