Monday, March 15, 2010

Driving Miss Daisy

Forgive me Internet for my lack of posting, but the newest member of our household arrived two weeks ago, and has consumed my every waking moment (and even my sleeping moments!) Instead of giving you the same ‘ol birth story (which now, I know every birth is different, but essentially they are all the same), I am stealing the idea for the posted blog below from Becoming Sarah. Sarah writes about mommyhood with equal parts hilarity and sincerity; although personally I think she is much too excited about her daughters’ dirty diapers. But, to each their own.


So, I hereby present you a concise version of Daisy’s birth, by the numbers:

8 looong days past my due date when Daisy was born


7 our reservation time…No, not for dinner, but at Labor &

Delivery for an induction.

37 exhausting hours of labor


1 centimeter dilated when the doctor broke my bags of water


9 hours of pitocin before I caved for the relief of an epidural


4 turkey sandwiches J ate, which the nurses kept sweetly

bringing to him

3 different types of nausea medications to keep down ice chips,

with mediocre effectiveness, I might add…


3 nurse shift changes during the course of my labor


1,800 grueling seconds of pushing before Daisy

was born


1 amazing, beautiful, and extremely kissable baby girl to show

for it. Basically it was totally worth it.


Lara said...

Love it! She is so worth it!

Anonymous said...

She's perfect but you forgot the 2's -- 2 sets of excited grandparents, 2 proud uncles and 2 releived puppy dogs!

Laura said...

Love the number story! (I love Becoming Sara as well)
Congrats on your beautiful baby girl! I'm excited to read more of your blog posts on how mommyhood is treating you!