Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The 30 best pieces of advice anybody ever gave me

Because I am the turning the big 3-0, I thought I should compile a list of the best advice I’ve ever received – from friends, family, and popular culture.

  1. Seriously. Why are you even worrying about this? (J)
  2. If there’s a Côtes du Rhône on the wine list, order that. (My friend Mark, the chef)
  3. Alright, so now you know the importance of pressing “save” every five minutes. (My college roommate, Katie, right after I accidently deleted my term paper by mistake)
  4. If you’re feeling out of shape, add more miles to your training program, preferably double days.  (My college cross-country coach)
  5. Never go with a hippie to a second location. (Jack Donaghy)
  6. Nude-toned undergarments are the only choice if you’re wearing white. (via trial and error, sadly)
  7. Maybe you should think before you speak. (My mom)
  8. Get up early to get your run in, this way you’re half asleep during the workout. (Melissa, a college teammate)
  9. If you don’t feel like going dancing, turn on the music loud and take two vodka shots. (My college friend Angela)
  10. Never spend the principle – only the interest. And really, do you need to spend the interest? (My dad, the banker)
  11. If you’re having a bad day, put a smile on your face. I guarantee it will change your day. (My friend and teammate, Lauren, from High School).
  12. You can’t spoil a baby. (My mother-in-law)
  13. Never drink tequila on an empty stomach. (again, via trial and error, sadly)
  14. If you ever encounter a wolf you should stand tall and make yourself look larger. (My brother)
  15. No one ever needs to know it isn’t homemade (My maternal grandmother)
  16. If you’re not feeling well, take a shower and put on clean PJ’s. (My mom)
  17. Be a best friend; tell the truth and overuse I love you. (Lee Brice)
  18. Lean, lean, lean. Lean back! (John, a long-time family friend, teaching me how to water ski with a single ski)
  19. Why pay with cash when you can get the miles? (My dad)
  20. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God. (Philippians 4:6)
  21. Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. (My friend Lara, via a hallmark card)
  22. Don’t look behind you. (My high school Cross-Country coach)
  23. Just Do It. (Nike)
  24. A true lady isn’t identified by what she wears, but how she acts and what she says. (My Sigma Kappa pledge Mom, yes, it sometimes surprises me that I was in a sorority).
  25. After dinner, check to make sure you don’t have broccoli in your teeth. (My friend Kristine)
  26. Don’t be afraid to go to the movies by yourself. (A friend I met while backpacking abroad)
  27. Always wear lipstick. (My paternal grandmother)
  28. Stop working! Go to the movies! (My brother-in-law)
  29. Don’t eat yellow snow. (My dad)
  30. Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go. (Oscar Wilde)


noclegi said...

Great article thanx

Lara said...

Love it. you are such a great writer ;)