Saturday, August 28, 2010

Letter to my love: 6 months

Today you hit the six-month mark. At six months you are 15.1 pounds and 25.5 inches long. This means it’s been approximately 182 days since my whole world changed, and the last month has been particularly exciting. We went on our first family vacation, you went to daycare, you ate your first solid foods, and you can now sit completely unassisted for short periods of time. You acquire new skills every day and the learning seems to be unending and you do so with this exuberant and contagious happiness.


Your father and I constantly marvel at how much you learn about your world every day. Some days, you learn quite a bit – that a particular toy can make noise if you press a certain button or that you can flip the pages of a board book – and other days, your “learning” seems to be more developmental. As such, your dexterity has improved exponentially of late. You can now reliably pick up just about anything – big or small – and transfer it from hand to hand to mouth (where it usually stays!).

IMG_0564 (2)

One of the best parts of these past few months with you has been watching your personality burst forth. You are a very happy baby, Daisy, and you spend more of your time smiling or laughing. In fact, your mommy and daddy love to hear your belly laugh and will act as silly as a buffoon in order to hear it. Additionally, you love meeting new people, and will happily be passed around from arms to arms. This is important, because in addition to our first family road trip you also flew to Minnesota this past month to visit your extended family. And, Daisy, you have a lot, but you had so much fun. Your eyes grew so wide when you realized all the toys and the kids were there for you to play with. You eagerly watched them run and jump and laugh and play loving every second of interaction with them.




In addition, to being a happy baby, you are also a wee bit stubborn, with I believe an independent spirit – and I’m sorry to say that I believe you got that from me. You refuse to let your dad hold the book when he reads to you, and when you ate your first bites of rice cereal last week you wanted to hold the spoon all by yourself. And God help anyone who tries to roll you onto your tummy.

You have also become much more vocal this month as well. You chatter endlessly to yourself, to Mortimer (the moose), or as your Mickey CD plays on repeat in the background. In fact, the Mickey CD saved our vacation. You see, anytime on our recent road trip you began to get fussy in your car seat, we would immediately press play and “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” would ring in our ears. We’re not sure if it’s Mickey’s voice or because your name is sung over, but it always calms you down.

 IMG_0346 (2)

IMG_0162 (2)

Speaking of our road trip, you were perfect. You loved meeting new people, smiling and cooing at them, while they generally adored you. You traveled through new states, slept in new places, rode in an airplane and did so with unyielding delight. But, our favorite part was spending 12 days together as a family with limited outside distractions. However, you let us know when it was time to wrap up the hiking, or driving, or dining, or… I think you get the point.

You are, undoubtedly, the very best part of our lives. We love you sweet girl. We love you so very much. Happy six months! We can wait to see what the next six holds!



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Lara said...

Love this post. Your little one is changing so fast! I love the pics. You are such an amazing Momma :)