Monday, November 08, 2010

My life lately

A few things that probably aren’t okay:

Roughly 60% of my motivation for attending my ballet/yoga class is the massive amounts of chocolate I can consume after class without feeling guilty.

I have starting using hoover and facebook in my regular vocabulary. As verbs.

One of my students is convinced that he and his brothers are taller than the rest of his Mexican countrymen because they eat processed food.

The alarming frequency the discussion revolves around my daughter’s poop. At the dinner table.

Sometimes when I’m practicing my French, I pretend the dog is French and conversing with me in a French accent.

The amount of “kisses” the dog and baby give each other.


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Kathy said...

Hi! Not to be stalkerish, but you left a comment over on Becoming Sarah asking about a side sling, and I just wanted to suggest trying the hip carry with your Ergo. I didn't realize it was an option until recently, but I've been loving carrying my (heavy) son that way for variety. Good luck!