Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Baby Talk, Part Duex

Dear Baby Girl,

In a matter of days, you and I will finally end this uncomfortable and miserable final stretch of pregnancy and finally meet face to face. Can you believe it?

38.5 weeks_1 38.5 weeks_2

38 1/2 weeks

Yeah. Neither can I.

I have heard these rumors of taking advantage of pregnancy, as if the last nine months were meant to be filled with unlimited backrubs, long naps, and indulging in cravings of pizza, milkshakes and other sweets. However, our past nine months have been filled with none of the above. Okay, so maybe I did partake in my fair share of backrubs and down a strawberry milkshake or two, but we also included bouts of insomnia, endless miles of marathon training, packing, unpacking and nausea lasting far longer than the first trimester.  

The truth is, kiddo, that while many of these last nine months have bordered on the brink of miserable, I wouldn’t change it for the world. So, I am trying to take pleasure in these last few days, and enjoy the little perks pregnancy does offer me. Like, when I slathered peanut butter onto my chicken wrap, so I could make it “Thai.” No one said a word (well, except your dad who laughed). The bottles of OJ that I drink while doing the grocery shopping. Or not feeling guilty when the lady at the farmer’s market offered me an entire slice “sample” of her boysenberry pie and then her blueberry pie, of course, she explained, I’m eating for two (although, I did have to share with your older sister. I guess this is something we both have to learn to deal with.) So, when the little irks of pregnancy appear, irks like waking up every 30 minutes for another bathroom run, or the realization that some of your kicks and squirms are quite painful, I remember that growing a tiny human is tough work, but the rewards are oh, so worth it. I can’t wait to inhale your perfect, sweet newborn scent. I can’t wait to snuggle you against my chest. I can’t wait to introduce you to your amazing older sister. And, as importantly, I can’t wait for someone else to hold all 6-8 pounds of you.

In other news your father and I (and sister, naturally) helped finish your room this weekend. We cleaned, and built furniture, washed the tiny baby clothes, folded cloth diapers. We pulled out the infant car seat, washed the baby bathtub, and filled your bookcase with board books, burp cloths and handmade quilts.

So, little Rossini, you are welcome to come at any point and meet the rest of the family: your daddy, older sister and puppy (along with all four of your adoring grandparents) are incredibly anxious to meet you.




Colleen said...

Lovely post! Can't wait to meet Maggie's new little sis!

Lara said...

Yay!!!! So excited to meet your little peanut :)