Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My little Valentine

Dear Lily,

Yesterday, you turned two weeks old. TWO WHOLE WEEKS. I wonder how was it ever possible that you were not part of our lives until two weeks ago?

photo (11)It amazes me how much you have grown and changed in just 15 days. You went from being a tiny, squished, ruby-colored squalling newborn, to well, okay, you’re still tiny and squished, but now a little more pink, and a little bit larger and a lot louder. We went to your two week check-up last Friday, hoping that you are back to your birth weight, but you surprised the pediatrician by exceeding it by 8 ounces, and growing nearly an inch in length – 8 pounds 15 ounces and 21.75 inches. Clearly, you are thriving on Momma’s milk.

photo My view during our afternoon nursing sessions. Big sister reads or listens to fairytales in French on the iPad and I just watch you.

Every day I think about how much there is to do around the house. Grocery shopping. Laundry. Dishes. Cleaning. But, all I seem to really be able to accomplish is snuggling you, and playing with your big sister. After two weeks, we have finally started settling down into a bit of a routine. Our mornings consist of long leisurely walks, playing at the park, or library storytime. Just like your big sister, you need to go outside everyday. You sleep better, and have a happier disposition if you spend an hour or two in fresh air. Our afternoons consist of washing and folding pint-sized laundry and cloth diapers, cluster feeding, reading, and art projects for big sister.

Photo1 Your sister adores you beyond words. I am looking forward to watching your relationship develop.

While I am looking forward to regaining my 8 hours of consistent sleep, I have to admit that I secretly love the 3am nighttime feeding session. The house quiet. Your room is faintly lit by the florescent light of the bathroom, and for twenty minutes I get to focus only on you. I sit and watch you nurse and memorize every precious ounce of you because I know that you’ll never be this size again. 

photo (8)

Lily, you are winning us all over a little more everyday. You are so unbelievably adored; I hope you always remember this.


We love you to the moon and back,

Momma (and Daddy & Daisy!)

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Lara said...

I would also remind myself that many people would kill to be up in the middle of the night feeding a beautiful baby girl. What a gift our girls are :)