Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yes, another post on food


I had a whole different post lined up and written in my head – what, they don’t count when you write them in your head? – but having managed to spend the entirety of naptime on the couch, catching up on Grey’s Anatomy (OMG!) eating spoonful after spoonful of Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter instead, and so that one’s going to have to wait.

And what is this Cookie Butter you ask? Basically it’s like a delicious combination of crushed up gingerbread cookies and peanut butter. Except, well, it doesn’t taste like peanut butter at all, but resembles it only in texture. The back of the jar claims you can spread it on toast, waffles, dip pretzels or even celery (yeah, I had to read that twice too. Hey, whatever means it takes for you to eat a vegetable, I’m in), but I’ve actually only had it from jar to spoon to mouth, sometimes alongside a few chocolate chips. Yes, in that picture you do see a baby spoon. It’s the perfect size to savor each bite.)

If you do not live near a Trader Joe’s, I apologize. This post has probably angered you heartily. If, however, you do, I suggest you run – run, not walk – to your nearest Trader Joe’s and pick up a jar of this bad boy. Then call me. I’ll come over with my baby spoon and a bag of chocolate chips. We can do some serious damage.


Diana Marks said...


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Lara said...

Um. I must go to Trader Joes to check out this stuff. Why haven't you mentioned it to me, yet?? I can't wait!!!