Monday, June 18, 2012

Amazing Daddy

Parenthood was never a conversation J and I had while we were dating, or even engaged. It was sort of unspoken, just assumed that we both would eventually want children, when the time came. It was just assumed that we would have similar parenting philosophies. I’m sure we would have failed any sort of pre-marital counseling with that statement, but I never worried. I just knew that J would make a phenomenal father, and that was just one of the many reasons I married him.


An impromptu reading/cuddle session on the couch. This is Daisy’s new “I’m smiling” face. Adorable, right?

I knew that he would be patient. I knew that he would do puzzles and build block towers. I knew that he would pour endless love onto each one of our children. I knew he would play catch in the yard. I knew that he would bend over backwards to make sure he provided for his family. However, I did not know that he would put on elaborate puppet shows. I did not realize that he would get up in the middle of the night to comfort a toddler, or wake up early in the morning to spend one-on-one time with his newest baby girl.

Not that anyone is surprised, but J took to fatherhood like a fish to the sea. He is amazed by every millimeter of his daughters. He will laugh and play and rock and read and cuddle with them no matter what time of day or how much he has to do. He is constantly commenting on how incredible they are, how much he adores them, and how they are the very best part of his life.


Victory, I’m sorry UCLA fans, but these girls are Trojans…

And, what I’m trying to say, is that while J may never get his pajamas into the hamper, he is undoubtly the very best of part our lives too.

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