Monday, May 06, 2013

Tangled hair

Daisy has long been obsessed with Rapunzel. She loves for me to tell her the original fairy tale on long walks or over breakfast. She loves the music from the Disney movie Tangled, and has all the words memorized to “When will my life begin.” She loves the animated movie. She loves any book about Rapunzel and will spend hours pouring over all the pictures. She loves to build Raunzel’s tower with her Lego’s. She loves to dress up in her “Tangled” dress and will act out scenes from the fairy tale, or imagine an entirely new story with Rapunzel as the main character.

The other day, Daisy found a long white ribbon that we had lying around the house. She asked me to tie it to her hair so that should could have Rapunzel hair. For the rest of the day, she refused to answer to her name, only answering to Rapunzel or Tangled. At the library, an older woman smiled at Daisy and admired her ribbon, and Daisy responded with a “Thank you, my name is Rapunzel.”

photo (5)

I guess I should go ahead and change her birth certificate and passport now.

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