Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Carousel Love

Over the past several months, Daisy has fallen head over heels in love with carousels. If there is one thing my kid likes, it's a good old-fashioned carousel ride.

She so adores EVERYTHING about carousels - the music, the circus animals, the mirros, the colors, the shiny gold poles that I am consantly on the hunt for them. Big carousels, little carousels, loud carousels, silent carousels, shiny new cousels, and rickety old carousels. There is something about the way she loves the carousel that I just cannot resist.

I, of course, being so prone to motion-sickness that I almost hurled myself off a carousel the last time I was on one, subject others to stand with my girls.

After the ride, she's done. She smiles from ear to ear, she always runs toward me and when I pick her up, she melts into me. She is warm and happy. She looks at me and those grubby pre-schooler hands grab each side of my face. As we walk away from the carousel, she plants a kiss on the very tip of my nose. She giggles at me, and recaps the entire ride play-by-play.

I just spent twenty minutes and a couple dollars ensuring that the most annoying tune in the world will be stuck in my head until I die, but suddenly it all seems worth it.

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