Saturday, December 07, 2013

The photo dump

This time of year is always crazy for me. Usually between grading bad student composition and editing mediorce student application essays, I lose all creative juices. So, instead I present to you a photo dump:
1. Daisy was a princess monkey for Halloween. She decided this on her own MONTHS before the big day. I thought it was just a passing whim, but nope. She stuck to her guns. 
2. Lily was a bumblebee and disliked every aspect of the holiday. Well, except for the sucker. 

3. And this is really what both girls were like on Halloween. Daisy's preschool had a parade, so we had both girls dressed up for that, but neither had any interest in actually "trick or treating" that night. So, they stayed home and played dress-up. 

4. At 22 months, Lily had her first haircut. She wasn't all that pleased. 
5. Meanwhile, Daisy loves her impromptu chop.
6. & 7. It has become a tradition to declare a family adventure day for one part of Veteran's day weekend. We unplug for the day and take a day trip somewhere (dog friendly to boot). This year we went to Half Moon Bay to picnic, play at the beach and eat ice cream. Daisy, Casey and I splashed in the waves. Lily observed perched on Daddy's shoulders. 
8. We met friends at the Nut Tree in Vacaville. The girls were over the moon because in one place they saw Rapunzel, Cinderella & Santa Clause. 
9. & 10. For Thanksgiving, we spent the week at my parents house. One day we took the kids to the Children's museum in La Habra. For the record, this is the only moment that Lily was smiling during the carousel ride. 
11. One night we took Lily with us to have dinner with friends and stopped at Golden Spoon (my local high school hangout, yes...I was that cool) afterward for a treat. When J said smile, this is what Lily did. 

12. On Thanksgiving Day, J and I did a turkey trot. My first one ever. We ran the 5K, and then ran the 3.5 miles home. Our verdict, not worth the time and money to run a measley three miles. 
13. & 14.  Last weekend we drove up to Sonoma to chop down our Christmas Tree. In our married life, it's our first live tree. Now, I am just praying that I don't kill it before Christmas. And yes, we did in fact encourage the girls to work together to pull the tree to the car while we took pictures and laughed.

15. The resulting family photo next to our tree.  While it's so much easier to put up our fake tree, our house now smells Christmasy. 

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Jennifer S. said...

Love the pics and your hilarious commentary. The monkey princess costume is awesome and fresh Christmas trees are the best.