Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Sick Girls

Today is a sick day at the Chez Stars household. Me and all three girls are recoving from bad colds, so we're on our third day of Operation Lay Low, feel yucky and Mostly Do Nothing At All.

Actually, that's not true. We've read about a million and one books. We've watched several movies. I've read two novels (The Parent Backpack and 46 pages. Both are fantastic reads, especially the latter one). We've been playing with our doll house. We've finished several puzzles. We've been playing Rainbow Brite. Daisy and Lily have been wearing their rainbow brite belts and sprinkle star dust on Violet in hopes she'll feel better. We color. We paint. We snuggle. This morning we ventured out to the backyard for some much needed vitamin D to make chalk pictures and blow bubbles.
While I feel pretty miserable, and I hate when my babies are miserable, I have enjoyed all the snuggles and down-time that comes with sick days. These days we don't have much time to lie around and read story after story, and I rarely have a chance to watch a whole entire movie with the girls snuggled on my lap, and a baby sleeping in my arms. So, while we're snotty and coughy and generally gross we're not so miserable after all.

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