Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A new beginning: Kinder

"Momma," Daisy said last night while we were having dinner, "Momma, could you please pack a big snack for me tomorrow. Not like at Lego camp. I need a big snack. I will be hungry." 

"Okay, love. What would you like? A applesauce muffin? A granola bar? A piece of fruit? Carrot sticks?" 

"A cheese and tomato sandwich, apple slices, chips and a small piece of chocolate." 

"Darling, you'll have lunch when you get home. We can have that for lunch. We only need something small for a snack" 

She looked at me for a moment.  Then slowly, carefully, speaking to me as I was the biggest idiot she'd ever met, she responded, "No, Mom. I need that for my snack. All of my success in kindergarten depends on my snack. I need it to be good."

And so, as we walked to school this morning she carried her backpack with her cheese and tomato sandwich, apple slices and small piece of chocolate. She hung her pack up on the hooks, she lined up and marched right on in when her teacher opened up the door.

I only hope her dreams of Stanford are not crushed because I forgot to also give her  chips.

We walked home from school, part of the way with our neighbors, part of the way just the three of us. We found a stick to cast spells. We talked about what we needed to do today (laundry, piano lessons this afternoon, Costco, maybe we would have time to make an apple cake). Violet on my back in the ergo, Lily asking questions about when sister was coming home (we are going to walk to get her in three hours), how long was she gone for (3.5 hours total), when does she start school (in two weeks). We walked in the house, and took off our shoes. I unloaded Violet from the ergo, and Lily began dancing around the family room, "I get to be the only one to play with the toys. I am the only one. I'm so happy sister is gone. I can do whatever I want. I'm the boss. I'm in charge." 

Clearly, Lily is not heartbroken school has started.

This afternoon while we were having lunch, I asked a few questions:

What is your favorite memory from this summer? Starting piano lessons, playing on the beach at Lake Tahoe, and Lego camp

What are you most looking forward to this school year? Learning about math and doing science projects. And going skiing in a snowy place during the winter

What is your teacher's name? Mrs. Erikson 

What is your favorite part of the day? Recess because I got to play with Callie and Sadie (a new friend from swimming lessons this summer and her BFF neighbor friend, neither are in her class) 

What was your least favorite part of the day? Working on paper faces

What is one new thing you learned today at school? What to do with an everyday folder and a new days of the week song. 

Momma, Mrs. Erikson also has a lot of rules. Maybe even more than you. 

And that was that. Our first day of kindergarten.

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