Thursday, October 22, 2015

Maybe it's just magic

On our way to school we talk about how the earth rotates around the sun giving us seasons. We talk about gravity and how the the Sun's gravity pulls on Earth and the planets around the sun, just as Earth's gravity pulls keeps us on the ground. "Nope", Daisy says, discounting my answer, "maybe it's just magic." Then Lily asks me about the tooth fairy. How does the fairy KNOW that Daisy's friend lost a tooth? And then we start talking about languages. People in Spain speak Spanish and people in China speak Chinese and then we move to Emperors and Kings and ancient dynasties. We talk about Papa and how we could fly a plane halfway across the world and then we talk about Grandma and her brand-new knee. We talk about how we've never seen a fairy, or met a real-life princesses, and how we can make a rainbow and why do markers run out of ink, and how tree leaves change colors, and... and.. and..

And we're walking along, answering three hundred questions a minute, listening to the amazing connections of these little minds, thinking about how the whole world seems like maybe just a little bit magic to them. I kind of understand because these three amazing little girls of mine seem just maybe, a little bit like magic to me.

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