Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Nine reasons I love my daughters right now

1. Violet loves to play ball. All. The. Time. When Daisy was this age, I always had a bag of board books with me. Now, I always make sure we have a ball.

2. Lily has the most amazing imagination. The stories she tells me are increasingly elaborate - and always based on the fairytales and myths that I stuff her head with. The other day she spent all day pretending to be fairy sprite sneakily changing out the porridge and other food items for Zeus and Hera in their cottage; made entirely of candy.

3. Daisy has just started reading chapter books silently. She now ALWAYS has her nose in a book and plops herself down where she is. Even in a window and door showroom.  (Sophie Mouse is her current favorite series).

4. Violet has decided that she wants to be just like her big sisters. I am not allowed to carry her; she walks. This means that it take approximately four hours to go to the library and Trader Joe's.

5. I am a big believer that you need to parent to each individual child, and the way I parent Daisy is completely different than how I approach parenting with Lily. But, I am loving the process of helping Lily gain and exercise independence in certain aspects of her life. My girl is a force to be reckoned with. This makes me so unbelievable proud.

6. Violet says cheese when I take her picture. Oh my stars, I cannot take the cuteness.

7. Lily has been more and more resistant to afternoon naps. But, every once in a while she is so exhausted that she curls up in my arms and falls asleep. It is always that heavy, deep slumber of a child who knows they are safe.

8. Violet LOVES music. She dances anytime she hears music come on by wiggling her hips and turning in a circle. It always makes us laugh. When the music is over she claps and bows.

9. Daisy plays the piano so gracefully and she is working so hard on new songs and scales. It's amazing to watch her find her passions, and not to be deterred when something is tricky or hard. She doesn't shy away, but faces the challenge head on. I love seeing this part of her personality develop.

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