Wednesday, August 03, 2016

A letter to my little peanut: Violet is TWO

Dear Violet,

In the morning when I get your from your crib, I stand and watch your sisters dancing and singing and playing with you. I watch them reading you stories. I think it then. I walk in and as I do you smile and shout "HAPPY BRTHDAY (birthday) ME!" We play our game: I ask "How old is the birthday girl?" and you hold up four fingers, and say "TWO!" and we all giggle and laugh. I think it again while you nestle against me, your skin against my skin, for our first morning snuggle. 
In the morning, you sit up on your chair spooning in large mouthfuls of greek yogurt and cut strawberries and you babble to your sisters. Joining in on their conversations about pirates and dragons, laughing at their jokes and listening to their stories. You interject your own words in between bites of Daddy's leftover pancakes, and I think it then. I help you put on your "LA-LA" (Cinderella) dress and dance around the playroom with your sisters. I watch your face light up as you skype with your SASSI (Grandmother) as she sings you the Happy Birthday Song, and I think it then too. I think it while you expand your knowledge of the world, and sharpen your vocabulary with words we use every day. You ask to make play dough, AY-DOH, making the sign for please, "PEAS, MOMMA. ORANGE. PEAS." I think it then as we gather the flour, salt and cream of tarter, as I watch you stir in the orange colored water and oil. You smile and giggle. "HOT" you tell me, pointing at the stove. Smiling, I think it then too.
We're readying for quiet time, and you are snuggled on my lap asking for hugs and kisses and I think it then. You tell me "READ" and we're reading Ollie the Stomper and Gossie and The Day the Babies Crawled Away. More you sign, "MO" and I think it then, as we settle back for Bear Wants More and Ladybug Girl and her Momma. I think it as I set you down in your crib with your piles and piles of board books stacked around you in your crib as you blow kisses and wave "BYE" as I leave the room.

We're walking Casey around the court, and you see the neighbors walking their dog and you exclaim "PUPPY!", insisting we stop and pet the dog. You stop and investigate each and every flower you see. I think it then. You run to keep up with your sisters, and insist on playing on Daisy's scooter riding around the court. As you focus on balancing, I watch you and I think it then, a few steps behind you, giving you space to learn, but ready to catch you if you fall. As we ready for our Parent and Me Swimming class, you smile and say "MY TURN", so happy to have your own turn in the pool after watching your sisters at swim practice all summer long.
I think it while we're playing in the water together, your sisters cheering you on while standing on the pool deck. You wave and clap your hands at them, "SISSYS" you shout, and you blow bubbles and kick your feet, beaming with pride. I think it then while we sing and swim together.
We're readying for the night. You are tired. You march into your bedroom and demand to be bathed and changed, picking out the pj's of your choosing. I think it then. You ask for stories, demanding more after each one. I think it then. I think it while we read together, while your heart beats beside mind. I whisper it then. I whisper it with my lips on your forehead, with my soul bursting, and your fingers rubbing up and down my arm.
I whisper it again: I love you. I love you sweet girl.

I love you more than all the stars in the sky and all the water in the oceans.


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