Thursday, September 29, 2016

Here comes the sun

It must be said that after the rain comes the sun. After a few weeks of very difficult and very busy days and late nights and bad attitudes, temper tantrums and sick kids, we have finally settled into a rhythm of this school year.
We've made art and enjoyed delicious smoothies. We've snuggled and read books and played with shaving cream at our water table. We drew chalk pictures patio and practiced riding our bikes on the Iron Horse Trail. We've listened to music and danced. We twirled and sang.

We've gone on slow walks and watched a snail make her way across the sidewalk. We've made lemon-zucchini bread, chocolate-chip zucchini bread, ratatouille and stuffed cheesy bread. We've scootered to neighbors house and made perfume with treasures we found in the yard. We've had dinner with friends and spontaneous playdates.
We watched The Princess Bride in its entirety on a Sunday afternoon, and practiced our new piano songs after school. We've done kitchen science experiments and had leisurely dinners in the backyard where the light is soft with the warm sun setting. We've had soccer practice on hot days and we've colored on the green grass. We've gone to choir practice and parent participation gymnastics class and ballet class. We've checked out stacks of books from the library and cried on the final pages of reading Charlotte's Web. 
When the tide is against me, and life seems hard and overwhelming and chaotic.  I cling to the joy this family brings me as though they were a life raft. And when everything is going well, I just enjoy sitting back and thinking of all the smiles we shared.