Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Food for Thought

I have never been one for hot dogs. I don’t like ketchup (I know, I know, it’s the quintessential American food!), I’m not a big fan of mustard or relish…and I like eating with a knife and a fork. I think it’s quite barbarian to eat with your fingers. This however, was before I went to The Infield in Sherman Oaks. Internet, this hot dog stand is delicious.

I got the daily combo deal, which changes each day to include one of their special dogs, fries and a drink for $5.00. Let me tell you dear Internet, this is a steal! This special highlighted The Hawaiian, which was perfect since it was raining and cold and I was dreaming of lying on white sandy beach and more importantly, being warm. Wait, I think I’m drifting off track. So, I decided on the Hawaiian, which didn’t include ketchup, mustard or relish. Instead, it had baked beans and pineapple atop a classic beef dog. I was a little concerned because well, baked beans AND pineapple? The two just didn’t seem to go together. But, Internet, boy was I wrong. Yum. Plus, because it was topped with so much (although, Infield, if you’re reading this, I could have stood for more pineapple) I needed a KNIFE and a FORK to eat it! It was like a dream come true. The skies parted, the sun started shining, and I decided that this was an excellent stop for a quick lunch.

The other hot dogs looked excellent as well: West Virginian Dog (classic dog with chili, yellow mustard, onions, topped with sweet coleslaw), Pastrami Dog, Chicago Dog, the New Yorker are only among a few. I was a little hesitant about the fries because I have such high standards with French fries. But, they were hot and crisp…and the perfect amount of greasy.

Now, next time I go, I determined to try one of their dessert dogs - even though they frighten me. However, Internet, I think the deep fried Twinkie dog is just calling my name. It just sounds too gross not to try.

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