Friday, March 06, 2009

Photo Friday: Vienna's Griechenbeisl
One of my absolute favorite cities in Europe is Vienna. I adore Vienna. I love the cobblestone streets, the grand palaces, and art galleries. I can see the history, I can feel elegance, and I can hear the music. Dear Internet, I love the music. Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart, Schubert. As I walk the Innere Stadt, I feel like I've been transported in time.

I could write a entire book on why I love Vienna (and people have!), but for today's photo Friday I'm going highlight one restaurant called, Griechenbeisl. This is almost more of a tourist attraction, and the minute you step's like a time warp. The building in which the restaurant is housed in is reputedly the oldest inn still standing in Vienna, having been around since 1447! It's was frequented by musical greats Schubert and Brahms and Mozart (of course), American authors (Mark Twain among one), International Artists, and all sorts of politicians!

The Hofburgs had their own room, in which they all signed the wall as well. (I nearly got pictures of it, but as it's a fancy private room...and we didn't get an special invite and I tried to sneak in which resulted in an very angry Austrian man scolding at me in German, but Internet that is another story for another time!) You could spent hours just gazing at the signatures on the walls, and seeing who was there. Everyone from Napoleon to Johnny Cash.

All in all, very historical stop - for a bier, snack or a full-three-course meal.

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