Thursday, December 31, 2009

Auld Lang Syne

So today is New Year's Eve and tradition dictates that I am suppose to reflect on the previous year and list goals of the next year; although I’m not normally like that especially after I learned that only 5% of resolutions are kept. I figured “why bother?”

When I was younger, though, I used to set aside time the week before New Years to fill my journal with my adolescent drama and musings regarding the previous year and to make some New Year resolutions (usually something about writing in my journal more often). However, the past few years, I haven’t really had much time for that – it was a year! Whatever! It’s over! I’m so happy! Let’s move on! – but perhaps because this year marks the end of a decade (a decade consisting of my 20’s!), perhaps because I am exhausted and introspective lately, or perhaps because we plan to spend tonight on the couch with Rock Band, board games, tiramisu and a bottle of sparkling cider and therefore, I’m not racing around, I’m rather drawn to the idea.

Mostly, I will remember 2009 as the year “we had no plans for traveling,” but seemed to do a lot of domestic travel. This was pretty much my own fault, of course – Girl Has Serious Case of Wanderlust. This year, on the year the Rossini’s decided not to travel, I visited Alexandria, LA, New Orleans, Mississippi, Alabama, Pensacola, FL, Denver, Sacramento, Seattle, Cambria, Las Vegas, Alaska, Sequoia National Park, and Cabo, Mexico. And, did I mention that besides the Alaska trip they were all weekends away? Maybe it’s more of “Girl Has Serious Case of Wanderlust with Husband Who Has Limited Vacation Time.” But, 2009 was also the year of trying to establish myself as a freelance writer and finally, graduate from the “Master of Arts degree that never seems to end.”

Also, this was the year I got knocked-up. Maybe I’d given you the impression that I was pretty laissez-fair about that kind of thing, but the truth is that I sort of wasn’t: I was kind of quietly ready a few years ago, so the fact that we are expecting our little bundle of joy in February 2010 means that it isn’t a moment too soon. But, after all, good things come to those who wait.

I’m not very good at New Year’s resolutions – is anyone? – But in 2010, I think I am going to try a little harder not to be quite so anal and neurotic. I am not going to sweat the small stuff, I’m going to take more deep breaths, practice a little more patience and tolerance, grow thicker skin, and remember to prioritize some ME TIME in with my other obligations. I’m going to be better about folding the laundry and ironing my shirts, better about making sure my days are productive, and better about not spending money, and lose this pregnancy weight, and you know, keep a baby alive, happy and healthy. I also pledge very solemnly to be better about making sure I eat plenty of Mint Chip Ice Cream weekly in front of mind-numbing shows like Chuck, LOST, and Grey’s Anatomy because hey, I need at least one resolution I can keep.

Happy New Year! Much luck for the upcoming year and decade!

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