Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A monkey on the move

When Daisy first began cruising, I could barely contain my excitement. What I did not realize then that the learning to cruise was not the milestone I should have been thrilled about; learning to cruise ALONE was.

For the past several weeks, we’ve walked in circles around the living room, up and down the patio, at the park. No matter where, she wanted to walk, and she wanted to walk with her little fingers clasped to mine. All day. No naps, no snacks, just walking. Together.


The interesting thing about baby milestones is that some go lightening fast, while others happen quite slowly. And when I say “slowly,” I do mean SLOWLY. Agonizingly slow. And, when you are spending your day noticing the dirt build-up on your hallway baseboards, it’s safe to say that reaching this milestone was seemingly endless.

And then, just like that she started cruising, ALONE, albeit with her walker, but independent from me. Isn’t that the rule of parenthood? Things that require your attention only really happen when you shut your eyes for a millisecond.


Remember when I brought her home from the hospital and she was seven and half pounds of immobile digestive processes?

Yeah. Me too.

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Lara said...

Love the pics. She looks so grown up!!!!