Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Dear Daisy,

On Monday, you turned one. At twelve months of age, you are my little peanut sizing up to 28 inches long, but only 17 pounds and 10 ounces. The pediatrician informed me that I should start giving you a small milkshake everyday to boost up your caloric intake to which you responded with a resounding “yah, mama.”


Obviously, this letter is a little later than usual; I blame this on the fact that you are ONE, which means you travel everywhere at roughly the speed of light leaving a wake of destruction in your path. But, I can’t blame it on you alone, but also because your father is currently immobile due to a cracked patella. These two events have made for a crazy past couple of days, but you love having your father home all day every day. You love the afternoon reading and snuggle time, and morning breakfast together with him. You love coming home from daycare and start babbling “dada, dada” the minute we walk through the door.


Daisy, the last few months with you have been amazing. Every day you learn something new and delightful. Your father and I are constantly looking at one another in surprise at your wealth of new tricks. We especially love to watch you figure out how stuff works. It’s adorable beyond belief.

These days you seem to be powered solely by shrieks of delights and giggles. This makes me think that everyone should go out and get them a twelve month old. PRONTO. In fact, a few weeks ago we traveled back to Boston for a funeral, in which you decided to entertain the mourners with your smiles and laughter minutes before the service started. This reminded me of the beauty of your innocence, and Daisy, I hope that you never lose that.



Last weekend we planned a small birthday party to celebrate this baby milestone. Both sets of grandparents, a great aunt & a great uncle, both uncles, and a few friends from your playgroup were in attendance. We had chicken tacos, cheese and avocado – all your favorite foods, and of course, the first introduction to sweet treats: a cupcake. And even though I wanted to be a little sad about this huge milestone, even though I want to mourn that your babyhood is almost over, it was all I could do to keep my heart from exploding with pride. So as I watched you stuff your mouth with cupcake crumbs, this is what I was thinking instead: oh, little sunshine, how I love you so.



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Lara said...

Our little lady is one!!! We love her so. Super cute beanie she is wearing on the swing-- where did you get it?? Happy Birthday, cutie pie!