Saturday, April 16, 2011

Scenes of Spring

playdates. cuddling. oranges handpicked from a neighbor’s tree.  chalk pictures. fresh-baked Vermont cheddar bread. long slow afternoon walks. early morning fast runs. roasted garlic soup. gardening. strawberries. lemon ricotta pound cake. weeding. blackberry lemonade. dirt. endless essay grading. planting. seeds. lesson planning. writing. reading. three-hour doctor appointments. lemons. green grassy parks. yoga. limes. toddle tunes. gin & tonic. red wine. water balloons. an anniversary. a movie date. fresh salsa. mommy & me swim classes. farmer’s market. library story hour. kisses. hugs. music. a freshly mowed lawn. bubbles. mint tea. strong coffee. chicken parmesan. Giants baseball. belly laughs. family bonding. fans. cold water. sunshine. dancing.      


sfs_7 sfs_6 sfs_5

sfs_3 IMG_1312


What does your spring look like?

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Lara said...

swollen kankles. tums. choclate fudge cookies. barbecue delicousness. tums. endless reading and paper writing. prenatal classes. prenatal books. prenatal appointments. tums......