Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Movie: 6 Years

One of my goals for Spring Break – ie: the ten days in April where I ignore the toppling stack of badly written essays, and instead catch up on a month’s worth of Grey’s Anatomy – was to teach myself Windows Movie Maker.

Goals! On Vacation! I know! What is the world coming to? But, man cannot live by Grey’s Anatomy alone, it turns out, even when those DVR recordings are substituted with long walks and lots of quality reading (well, reading such greats like Fancy Nancy & Winnie the Pooh), and so I finally tackled one of my 2011 goals. 

And, friends, that is exactly what I did. Eh, well, sort of. I am still a beginner, as you still soon see, but boy, does it feel good to have learned a new skill. File that one next too cooking one handed and driving stick. The world is my oyster. Need a person to drive you to the market, make spaghetti while holding a crying baby, and then make a movie about the whole thing? I’M YOUR GIRL.

So here is my debut offering on Windows Movie Maker, which is basically just a whole bunch of old pictures of J & I through these past six years, aka: our married life. But, I’m sort of proud of it anyways. And, when I watch this, I basically think to myself, OH THANK GOD I NEVER HAVE TO PLAN A WEDDING AGAIN.


Lara said...

So many talents, Sara!!! Love your first movie!

Laura said...

You guys look so happy!!!!!