Friday, February 22, 2013

A photo essay: Our day

early morning snuggles. greek yogurt with sliced banana and grape nuts. vanilla latte. a morning nursing session. baking soda & vinegar volcanos. legos. wooden block towers. mommy’s heels.

our day 3

a long walk. pears. skipping. jumping. hopping like a frog. princess “packback.” mr. magee learns to ski. “la p’tite monnaie.” a german fairytale: the snowdrop. “clic-clac oh c’est beau”

our day 8 

sunshine. peanut butter. avocado & hawaiian roll sandwiches. grass. books. balls. running. galloping. dirt. casey. ring-a-round-the-rosie.

our day 5

our day 6

our day 4

laughing. hill-rolling. giggling. smiles. cold water. tag. fresh air. 

our day 7

the Winnie-the-pooh Storybook collection. the land of long ago. Bernstein bears. the going to bed book. soft pants. cuddles. freshly washed hands. blankie. sleepy yawns.

our day 2

naptime bliss. folded little girl clothes. coffee. sugar cookie. macbook air. emails. lesson planning. editing essays. texts. thank you notes. gilmore girls. menu planning. bread machine. a clean sink.

our day 1    

after nap hugs. cow’s milk. skype with grandma & grandpa. sleepy grins. slobbery kisses.

photo (18)

gin & tonic. daddy tickles. homemade pulled pork & pineapple pizza. family movie night: beauty & the beast. clean sheets. bath time with daddy. nursing  and songs. hanging out with my love. Jane Austen’s Emma.  

Image 9

a pretty-darn perfect friday.

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