Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Letter to my bumblebee: ONE

Dear Lily,

Today, my love, marks your first birthday. It seems just like yesterday that you and I were snuggled up for the first time and I was falling irrevocably in love. This last year has been magic, my darling. And while we have only known each other for a short twelve months, I feel like you have been here forever, as though we have met before.


That said, girlie, parenting you has thrown me for a loop. You are turning into a regular mischief-maker. Most of the time you are sweet and charming, and people are always commenting on how adorable your smile is, but it’s all a deceptive ploy. Underneath all those shy snuggles and magnetic grins is a pistol of a troublemaker, a child who wants nothing more than to wreak havoc.

So, you know that when you are not allowed to, say, play in Casey’s water bowl, or perhaps, touch the fireplace, or even splash in the toilet bowl, but you completely ignore my warnings and go ahead with your playing anyways? And then just try to worm your way out of trouble by giving me a coy smile and a slobbery kiss? This I blame on your father. You get your addiction to avocados from me and you get your ability to manipulate the heck out of me from your father. Oh, and you probably got your love of steak from him as well.


This month has been filled with twice as much manipulation as last month, which I think is because you have spent the last couple of months turning into a tiny little rocket. For the past few weeks you’ve been taking your first steps – a step between the table and the couch, a step away from my arms. You still rely on cruising and crawling for most of your mobility, but every now and then you just let go and propel your body forward standing on your own two legs. This absolutely astounds me. I mean, you spent six months as a completely immobile lump, drinking only my milk and screaming as your only means of communication. And now, one year later you can almost walk, you have a half-dozen words and you eat anything I put on your plate. Amazing.

In all honestly, love bug, while today is your first birthday, to us this milestone is really just another lovely family day. We loved you yesterday and we love you today and we will love you tomorrow and THAT, that is a big deal. That matters more than anything.

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I love you more than all the stars in the sky and the water in the ocean.



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