Tuesday, August 20, 2013

In two weeks

Yesterday morning, J and I attended the parent orientation meeting for Daisy’s preschool. She starts two weeks from today. And. Oh. My. Word. Parenting is suddenly about to become five million times more complicated.

Earthquake kits! EARTHQUAKE KITS! With enough non-perishable nourishment for 48 hours and clothing suitable for a variety of weather and water.

And lunch boxes. And packing suitable nut-free lunch foods in toddler-appropriate portions. And volunteer days! And parent meetings! And getting a copy of her immunization record! AND! AND! AND! AND!

Suddenly motherhood has deadlines and tardy infraction notices and tuition dues and I just feel so unbelievable overwhelmed by it all. I keep thinking back to those early days with Daisy, how I thought that NOTHING could possibly be more stressful than a plugged duct and eye goop.

That silly, naïve girl; I wish I could tell her that breastfeeding and cloth diapering was the least of her problems.  She’s going to have to start getting two little girls dressed PLUS herself ready for work and breakfast eaten for all three of us before 7am. All while convincing a 3.5 year old that she doesn’t need to wear her pink, frilly party dress because she’s going to get messy and dirty. Three times a week. TAKE THAT FOR STRESSFUL. (Ye working parents who have been dealing with daycare and spare changes of clothing and getting your kid ready by o’dark o’clock, you are my heroes).

How can she possibly have grown up SO quickly? Yesterday I was snapping a picture of her first budding tooth and tomorrow I’m going to fork over a copy of her birth certificate, tuition and learn to pack a lunch box. A part of me wants to prance around applauding because WE MADE IT, PRESCHOOL, HURRAY! And another part of me wants to cry.

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