Friday, February 27, 2015

A questionnaire: FIVE

Tomorrow is Daisy's birthday. In lieu of a babybook, I ask the following 20 questions to my birthday girl (starting with the third birthday). You can see Daisy's previous answers, here and here. So, this afternoon while making our traditional pizza dough for Friday night pizza movie night I fired away. 
  1. What is your favorite color: red
  2. What is your favorite toy: legos. leapreader. dollhouse. magnets. all our toys! 
  3. What is your favorite fruit: watermelon 
  4. What is your favorite movie: Beauty and the the Beast
  5. What is your favorite thing to wear: my long skirts 
  6. What is your favorite animal: ladybugs. zebras. 
  7. What is your favorite song: "Let it Go" 
  8. What is your favorite book: any Bearnstein Bears books, any Ivy and Bean, Never Girls or the Rainbow Magic Fairy Books 
  9. Who is your best friend: Annie and Lily 
  10. What is your favorite breakfast: oatmeal  
  11. What is your favorite lunch: peanut butter and jelly sandwich, cheese crackers, fruit 
  12. What is your favorite dinner: pizza movie night (Mom's note: on Friday nights we make pizza and watch a movie together as a family. Basically, it's our favorite night of the week). 
  13. What is your favorite snack: popcorn; grapes 
  14. What is your favorite dessert: cupcakes  
  15. What do you sleep with at night: blankie  
  16. What is your favorite thing to play outside: pirates and princesses (a pretend game the girls and J play together), potions (we have various colors of water in various types of bottles and we mix them and pour them and measure them and pretend to cast spells on the bugs and flowers in the yard), jump rope
  17. What do you want for your birthday dinner: fruit salad and roasted cauliflower (I'll also be making panko crusted chicken tenders and we'll be having vanilla almond cupcakes with blackberry buttercream for dessert) 
  18. What do you want to be when you grow-up: an astronaut (Mom's note: She has wanted to be an astronaut for a while now and her knowledge of space is incredible. She wants to be the first girl on Mercury. She says she'll send me a postcard.) 
  19. Where is your favorite place to go: disneyland
  20. What is your favorite game: memory, who shook hook 

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