Friday, April 03, 2015

A another month, another list

1. They adore one another. Daisy can make Violet laugh and keep her entertained like nobobdy else. Both her and Lily keep a close eye on her, makign sure she doesn't get into anything dangerous and alerting me of her every move. The big girls sing and dance and blow bubbles around Violet, and she laughs and giggles and watches their every move. They are the very best of friends.

2. Last weekend we gave Violet a handful of blackberries and let her go to town. The mess was epic.
3. We have started working our way through the The Tail of Emily Windsnap with Daisy and Lily.

4. Now, they are sort of obsessed with pretending to be mermaids.

5. In the morning, every morning, Lily runs into our bedroom and tells me she has exciting news and terrible news. The exciting news is that one day she is going to marry Daddy. The terrible news: it is not today.
6. Daisy has been increasingly more interested in hiking. She picks wildflowers. She loves to explore new trails. J and I fell in love over long hikes, and many of our best vacations included day-long hikes. Seeing Daisy out on the trails, completeing several tough miles of trails makes my heart sing, and I look forward to introducing more and more hikes to her.
7. Violet has been entering this phase wherein she wants to spend as much time as she possibly can snuggling with J and I. I am honestly begnning to think that her idea of a perfect day includes our family spending countless hours laying around making faces and noises, but since we insist on getting up and getting showered, she just has to accept nuzzling into our chest when carry her as the next best thing.
8. Daisy, Lily and I have spent countless hours on the floor demonstrating to Violet exactly how to properly crawl. She just looks at us like we're stupid and then rolls acros the room in a flash, pivots and army crawls the last little bit to get exactly what she wants. It's usually something she shouldn't have: a scrap of paper, a permanent marker or a day-old crumb.

9. Violet has started blowing raspberries. Oh my stars, I cannot take the cuteness.

10. Where did my timid little girl go?

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