Saturday, May 07, 2016

What I hope to teach my daughters

Tramp through the woods, climb up mountains and sink your feet into the sand. Breath in salty air and watch the waves crash into the shore. Banish gremlins. Dance with joy. Remember that the right person can make any situation fun, but know that the right person can be - and always is - you. Remember that the world is full of magic, and you can have as much magic as you want, you just have to believe. Connect - to yourself, to others, to the world. But, always know that the best thing you can do with your life is to feel and to love.

Cultivate gratitude, the way you cultivate a tomato plant or a strong caffeine habit. Practice joy. Hone your focus. Develop patience. But, most importantly, love yourself.

Revel in the simplicity of life. Fresh, in season, still warm from the sun, fruit. Remember how the rain feels as it falls across your face. Take in the breathtaking beauty of a sunset, or the shapes made from a streak of vibrant purple paint. Feel the way air fills your lungs. Spend time among trees. Admire their height, run your hands over the crinkly bark, admire at their deep, sturdy roots, feel their silky leaves. Marveling among the trees reminds you that the world is magic.

See the world. Travel to far flung places into the far corners of the earth, but also see other parts of your world - a new park or a small street you've never visited before. Celebrate different cultures, understand differences of opinions and rejoice in the variety of life. We were each created to be unique and special.

See the best in people. This brings out their best. Believe someone is amazing and they become amazing. If that amazing eludes you remember that life always works out. It may not be exactly what you planned or anticipated, but with enough time, even the most devastating event can be the best thing that happened to you. If you keep moving, and looking up, things get better.

Do what brings you joy. Every day.

Believe that life is a playground.

Believe that we are all connected by God's grace and love. He made the world a magical place with turquoise waterfalls and starry nights and created us with a bright spark of internal strength, which allows us to handle the tough stuff, love deep, and do our best work.

Believe in leprechauns and glittery fairies and unicorns and elves and that Santa Claus truly does exist.

Believe that love is all around. You just have to tilt yourself toward it.

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