Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random Wednesday Updates

You’re probably wondering where I’ve been, the vast, deep void of the Internet. Did I ever tell you that I’m getting my Master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages? Pretty fancy, huh. Well, I have a large research paper due, approximately next week. (Spoiler Alert: It is not nearly done!) And I have been doing lots and lots of research, and reading the research, and all the procrastinating time-wasting activities that accompany library (or in my case, a web-based library surfing) research. Ahem, and have gotten nowhere. So, I’m behind on my blog, and have a million more pages to go on my paper, and my laundry is piled on my couch.
But, in other exciting news, I had my first wedding photography gig. Yep, I was officially a wedding photographer. The wedding was out in the middle of nowhere; in fact I was a bit apprehensive as we were driving in the desert, towards nothing. But, then magically we turned left and there was this little, beautiful, green community just like that. I thought I was seeing a mirage.

Here are few pictures from the day. What do you think? I had loads of fun snapping away. I felt a little bit like paparazzi, and enjoyed every minute of it.

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