Thursday, April 30, 2009

Save Chuck

I’m not a big TV person. I even lived for a couple of years without one in my apartment. Yeah, I like watching the news, but nowadays I get most of my updates via the internet (have you heard about the swine flu? Oh, you mean you don’t live under a rock?) Or the occasional Friends episode on rerun, but I’m pretty wary about starting a new TV series. I mean it took me four years of hating Grey’s Anatomy, and now I cry when my DVR forgets to record it. So, when J decided to watch Chuck. I was pretty adamant about not getting involved. However, I was swayed after a few weeks of persistent pestering to watch it with him.

And by golly it’s the best show on television. (Did you hear that honey, you were right!) So, in light of “The Save Chuck Movement” I decided to tell the Internet why I love this hilarious show.

  1. The character’s names. Sarah Walker is one of the main characters. She is one of the two agents assigned to protect the “asset” (aka: Chuck). The other government handler hired to protect Chuck is Major John Casey (although, apparently it’s now Colonel). As you know (or not), my name is Sara – and while it’s not spell the same, it’s still a very rad (apparently I think its 1984) name, and not one that is used very often. In addition, my puppy’s’ name is Casey. (Granted she’s you know...a dog and a female dog at that), it was one of the reasons I gave in to watching the show. (It really doesn’t take much to make me happy).
  2. The “average computer-whiz-next-door” character of Chuck. I have a thing for computer geeks. I’m not sure why; but I’m just drawn to them. My first boyfriend was a total computer nerd. Like, taking computers apart and putting them back together kind of nerd. (Granted, he was a water polo player too, so the kind of all-around student that colleges are looking for these days). After we parted ways, I swore I was done with computer engineers and Dungun & Dragon players. Except that I wasn’t. Lo and behold, my next boyfriend-turned-fiancé-turned-husband was a “management information science” (a fancy way of saying “computer-geek hiding in business”) major in college. He builds software programs. Like I said, I’m just drawn to them. Maybe it’s the pocket protector?
  3. I love the stock shots of Los Angeles. I have a total love-hate relationship with LA. I love the skyscrapers, echo park, Griffith observatory, but I hate the smog, crowds and weather. When I watch Chuck, I get all the perks of LA, with having to deal with the crap. Plus, I get to say thing like: “That’s where I run twice a week!” Or “I’ve been there!” Did I mention that the fly-over shots are so cool?
  4. The on-again-off-again romantic tension between Sarah and Chuck. I am a fan of the Ross & Rachael, Pam & Jim on-again-off-again torture. As their cover story, Chuck and Sarah are dating; however we’re always sure how real those feelings are. Sarah maintains that it would be unprofessional of her to be in a real relationship with Chuck while she is his CIA handler. Chuck doesn’t want to be part of a relationship with Sarah that isn’t real. The “do-they-love-each-other-or-not” tension keeps me at the edge of my seat each week.
  5. Chuck’s family values. While Chuck is under government protection, his first priority is his friends and family. Chuck moved in with his sister, Ellie, and her “awesome” boyfriend Devon after his academic career ended at Stanford University. The duo has quite the untraditional nuclear family, yet traditional family values are so important to them. For instance, the pair celebrates Mother’s Day as the take they learned to take care of each other.

There you have it – Chuck is the best show on TV these days. So, ahead and click HERE to Save Chuck.

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