Friday, May 22, 2009

The Trojan Horse
For the last three years, J has been in graduate school. The first year or two was a little fun. Football games, a chance to make new friends, a trip to China, but the last year has been endless. I wish I could tell you I was exaggerating, but I'm really not. He's been very good at school, of course, and has garnered all sorts of accolades, but the last semester (in particular) he's hated almost every second of it. I suppose that's just senioritis for you. (Do you remember how much you hated your last semester of high school or college, you had to literally drag yourself to class and choke down your readings and responsibilities, feeling every tortuous minute).

You know how sometimes something seems so far away -- too far away, even, to starting thinking about – and then suddenly, BAM, it's here? J started counting down the days until graduation months ago (only 16 classes International Finance left he'd grumble out the door on Monday mornings). And, last week, I am happy to report is finally here. I've had a bottle of champagne sitting in the fridge for anticipation; he's had a full-blown countdown – complete with bar graphs, pie charts -- of how to pay down the looming student loan debt.

So, last Friday night (a week ago today...I know how terribly slow I am at reporting news), there was celebrating and bratwursts and us saying "I can't BELIEVE this is finally happening!" over and over. And picture taking, did I mention the picture taking? Now, we are a couple that just works and eats dinner together before 10pm (granted, not much earlier then 10). Balancing between both full-time work (with much stress, and many changes) and a part-time class load with massive amounts of reading there was little time for anything else.

I'm terribly relieved that school is finally over, and that he can really starting working on some of his side projects, which is what he really likes doing best. But, whatever happens – and trust me, it's not like we don't have plans – I'm just glad that J won't be in school anymore that made him grumpy and frustrated and miserable. I'm so happy he's done and so very fiercely proud of all that he accomplished.

Jim with his parents (Hi Mary Jo!, Hi Larry!) after the nearly three hour ceremony. Did I mention that graduation was nearly three hours? I must have forgotten in all my excitement.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sara,

You must be very proud and happy it is over. I know Norma was happy when Todd was done and he did not do the work and school program.

Norma Tursky